Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the rebrand?

Brand unification/harmonization

Although our three originator companies (Klaire Labs™, ProThera, CP) consolidated years ago, we continued to promote the independent brands leading to both branding and corporate identity confusion in the marketplace. Our current re-branding program is simply an effort to harmonize our product offering under a single, unified name. Klaire Labs was selected for this purpose as this 50-year old brand pioneered the concept of pure and potent nutraceuticals: a philosophy warmly embraced by our parent company founders.

Design modernization

Our re-branding program also allows us to update our look and feel to project a more modern, clean design, while maintaining much of the Klaire brand familiarity.

Renewed commitment to founding principles

Branding our entire product offering under the Klaire Labs™ name also reflects a renewed commitment to evaluating the entire line through the highly discriminating Klaire Labs lens. What this means for our customers is that wherever possible, we will actively evaluate all our formulations to minimize use of potentially unnecessary fillers and non-hypoallergenic ingredients.

Why and when are you changing the product labels?

Product Label Modernization & Unification Calendar

Brand unification

As we embrace our single brand unification, we will be updating the quality and design of our product labels to include the Klaire Labs name and a modernized look & feel. Our product packaging however will remain the same-rest assured. The classic blue glass Ther-Biotic bottles are here to stay.

Design modernization

Although our new logo and look projects a clean and modern design, you will notice that it feels quite familiar at the same time. In fact, the Klaire logo retains much of its original style.

Serial approach

We will update the labels over a period of time beginning with the original Klaire Labs™ branded products and progressing to the original ProThera and Complementary Prescriptions branded products. Customers will begin to see the updated labels in late 2017. We expect the entire catalog of products to be converted to the new Klaire Labs™ labels in Q1 2018.

Meet the fresh new look of Klaire

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How will the rebrand affect the website/web presence? microsite

Beginning July 1st, we will launch a transitionary “micro” website: This site will serve to house all the information about our re-branding effort. In it you will find all our relevant press releases, videos, articles, and calendars. The red icon is a caricature of Claire Farr, founder of Klaire Labs™. will remain active throughout the rebranding process but will revert to the new website in Q2 2018.

Updated ProThera/Klaire website

By late Q1 2018, you will be introduced to the new  brand-harmonized website. This site will serve as the single source for our entire product offering and will provide all the ecommerce functionality of the current ProThera website. Once launched, all visitors will be redirected to

What is SFI?

Our parent company

Soho Flordis International (SFI) is a privately held nutraceutical company based in Sydney, Australia. Founded by two individuals who's life’s work has been focused on developing the highest quality nutritional products possible thereby empowering healthcare practitioners with better natural options for their patients. Over the last several years, SFI has identified several, philosophically-aligned, independent nutraceutical manufacturers which could enable them to take their mission worldwide. In 2013, SFI acquired ProThera, Inc along with the Complementary Prescriptions and Klaire Labs™ brands in pursuit of this mission.

Quality focus

SFI views product development through the lens of true source-to-patient control. As such, the company tightly controls every aspect of many of their plant based products literally from the seed through dose-form manufacturing. It is this absolute commitment to the highest quality standards that aligns so well with the founding principles of Klaire Labs™.

Change is hard: what’s in it for me?

More manufacturing capabilities

Our brand new facility is truly state-of-the-art, providing us with more capacity and capabilities to introduce more exciting new products, more often.

Optimized product formulations

As we transfer our manufacturing activities to the new plant, we are closely evaluating each of our formulations through the lens of Claire Farr herself. Where we can omit/minimize fillers and non-hypoallergenic constituents, and enhance potency, we will do so.

Brand continuity

Maintaining the naming conventions of three separate companies has left us with something of an identity crisis. Unification under our oldest, most prestigious brand, Klaire Labs™, will provide strong brand continuity and clarity as we move ahead.